Open Source E Tools for learning on UNESCO site ( 29th June 2015)

Open Source Tools/ software are free for use and  great ICT resources for teachers.

Please follow this link to the web page hostage several  simple ICT  tools that can be integrated with classroom teaching:

Open Source E Tools for learning on UNESCO site

The list of programmes is  linked here for easy  reference

Free downloadable software for educational purpose

Educational Suites

  • Childsplay
    Childplay has a good selection of educational games, like learning how to spell with Pacman. Other educational games include simple maths activities, identifying sounds, and keyboard skills. Childsplay also has some fun games like Pong, billiards, and puzzles.
  • GCompris
    GCompris is an educational software suite for children aged 2 to 10.


Language Learning

Arts and Graphics

Geography & Astronomy

Computer Literacy

Each application has been thoroughly tested and verified by a team from the ICT in Education Programme, to ensure its effectiveness and safety. The tools have also been checked to make sure that they do not include any viruses, adware, malware or spyware.

For more information or to request copies kindly send us email:


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