12th November 2013 -eXe learning Tutorial videos

Dear friends,

I am sure that you have been working with the various software that you were initiated into  in the Workshop at ZIET Mysore. You maybe comfortable with all , some or most. There maybe areas where a little guidance can help. Even otherwise , there are several ways of using the software in order to get enhanced products. In this regard, an effort has been made to make available some online help in  learning eXe.

Please find links to videos which will help you  gain skills in eXe

Downloading eXe from  http://exelearning.org/

Downloading and installing eXe

1. Introduction to eXe 

2.Starting eXe

3. Overview of eXe Workspace

4.Customizing eXe Screen appearance

5. eXe- Defining an outline

                                 I DEVICES IN eXe

1. Objectives

2.Free Text 

3. Creating links within the text in eXe

4.Inserting media ( audio-video) 

5..Inserting Tables for Information in Free Text I device

3.Reading Activity

4.Activity ( learning Activity)

5.Image Gallery

6.Image magnifier



8.Java Applet for effective visuals

9.Using  External Website

                                                I Devices for Assessment and Interaction

1. Multi-choice

2. Multiselect

3.SCORM Quiz 



                                                                    Exporting eXe to Moodle 


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