About The Workshop

 Welcome to  ZIET Mysore

This is a  4 day workshop conducted for teachers  (PRTs )in the 15  e- KVs in the four KVS Regions of  Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ernakulam. This workshop is the third in line, following  similar workshops for TGTs & PGTs of Science and Social Studies  from the same Schools. Some of the Teachers from these Schools have also been trained as Master Trainers  at RIE Mysore in August 2013.

This workshop is different  from other e-Content workshops in the sense that the Teachers will trained in software that can e used to generate e-Content as well as a transactional or teaching-learning platform that can facilitate E- Learning.

The Software used will be free and open source software which is  available  freely on the net. So  teachers and schools  can easily  download them and start working immediately.

The objective of the Workshop is to equip teachers with workable skills in a few selected software .

Teachers will be  oriented and led through the software right from downloading it from the net and  working with it, creating products and presenting them the next day to the peer group.

KVS ZIET Mysore is proud to host this very special workshop  which  not only upholds the  high standard set by this Training Institute , but has taken its creative  , path breaking endeavours to new heights.

Come and Enjoy the Experience

               !!!ZIET Mysore.. Endeavour At Its Best !!!!


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